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On this page you can listen to examples of our repertoire. Alternatively, if you would like to request a demo CD, please get in touch with us using the details on the Contact Us page.

We would be happy to advise you on your choice of music and we can suggest other suitable CD’s to help you decide on repertoire. We can also arrange a private consultation with Michelle, the Quartet Manager, where we can advise on the suitability of repertoire for each part of your event.

Here are some samples of our music.
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'Eine Kleine Nacht Musik' - Mozart
'Air on the G String' - J. S. Bach

Tango :
'La Cumparsita' - Rodriguez

'The Easy Winners' - Scott Joplin

Wedding music:
'Wedding March' - Wagner
'Wedding March' - Mendelssohn

Cardiff String Trio
For those clients wishing to consider the Cardiff String Trio rather than the String Quartet it should be noted that the trio is only appropriate for smaller numbers of guests of up to approximately 60 people. It is particularly suitable for venues where space is an issue or for clients who wish to keep to a smaller budget.

The trio will usually consist of two violins and a cello and you can expect a thinner sound with less projection due to the lack of a viola player. Although the trio can play most of the popular classics often used for wedding ceremonies, the group are less able to play the lighter repertoire, particularly the Swing, Jazz and Show Tunes. Please check our full repertoire list to see the differences between Quartet and Trio.

Violin & Cello Duo or Violin & Viola Duo
The String Duo is a recent addition to our services and is proving very popular for smaller wedding ceremonies and events where music is only required for a short period of time. Like the trio, the Duo is only really suitable for events with guest numbers up to approximately 60 people. We have designed a repertoire that is flexible and that can be played by either Violin & Cello or Violin & Viola. If you are booking the Violin & Viola Duo we would normally book a viola player who can also play the violin. This gives us the flexibility to include violin duos in addition to the usual repertoire. If you do have a particular piece in mind that does require two violins, please let us know at the time of your enquiry, as this may effect the particular musician that we book for you. The maximum booking time for the Duo option is two hours. Please click the link below to download a repertoire list for the Duo.

Cardiff Solo Violin or Solo Cello
As acoustic string instruments are not intended to project over large amounts of background noise, solo players are really only suitable for wedding ceremonies with smaller numbers of guests. Playing a solo instrument is very physically demanding as the performer has to work harder to project the sound. Consequently solo players are only available to perform for shorter time periods and you can expect to pay a proportionately higher fee per musician than if you were to hire a Trio or Quartet. The maximum booking time for a solo performer would be 90 minutes. The repertoire available for solo strings is dependent on which individual artist takes the booking. More information can be provided at the point of enquiry.

Our full repertoire list is available as a PDF file, click the links below to view, or save to read offline.

PDF Document Repertoire.pdf
PDF Document String Duets Repertoire.pdf

After downloading, double clicking the document should open the file in the default application. If your computer does not know what to do with the file you may require the 'Adobe Reader' the free reader utility from Adobe software.

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Photo by kind permission of Pendragon UK.

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